Government to launch concession bid for new airport  roads.jpg

Government to launch concession bid for new airport  roads

THE GOVERNMENT is to launch a competitive tendering bid for concession rights to the access roads serving Lisbon’s new international airport.

The Minister for Public Works and Transport, Mário Lino, announced last week in Coruche that in the second half of this year, probably in October, a tendering bid would be launched for access to the new airport.

These roads would involve the IC10 (Santarém/ Almeirim/ Coruche/ Montemor-o-Novo) currently the subject of economic and environmental impact studies which will be completed within a year.

The Minister added that he has asked for the previous studies into the IC13 (Montijo/ Coruche/ Mora/ Ponte de Sor/ Alter do Chao/ Crato/Poralegre) to be reviewed in a way to adapt the road to predicted increased traffic loads generated by the new airport.

The IC10 and IC13 will share a viaduct that will span the Sorraia Valley, a bridge that for some time the local authority there has argued is the only solution to divert heavy traffic away from the village while removing congestion on the seven bridges at the entrance of Corcuche.

The Minister also said at a PS party district function that TAP would “being expanding heavily into Venezuela” in areas such as maintenance and training.

“Fernando Pinto has asked me to try and develop TAP’s activities in Venezuela,” he said, adding that TAP also had a strong maintenance component in Brazil following the acquisition of Varig Engineering and Maintenance.

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