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Government to aid exports

The Portuguese government is to adopt a raft of measures to encourage foreign investment and internationalisation.

It is to create a ‘passport for exports’ programme which will list and certify Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) which have the “potential to export their products overseas”.

“Our economic growth inevitably has to move towards increasing our export capacity and modernising our company structures” states the Government document.

In addition to this ‘passport’,  the Government intends to create a “network of active contacts based on Portuguese working in branches of Portuguese companies overseas, promoting ‘partnership drives between SMEs and large companies’ and signing ‘taxation agreements with more partners’ to avoid double taxation.

Promoting entrepreneurialism and innovation are other ideas in addition to registering intellectual property.

Through these measures, the Government hopes to foster a spirit of entrepreneurialism in employees seeking jobs and secondary and higher education students.

Support to companies will also involve access to forms of financing as will the creation of a single public capital risk body and an investment company for SMEs.

The national strategic business and investment blueprint for Portugal, the QREN, will also be reformulated accordingly.