Government summons Russian ambassador to Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lisbon

Government summons Russian ambassador to Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Transmits “unequivocal condemnation” over Russia’s “illegal” annexation of Ukrainian territory

Portugal’s foreign ministry summoned the Russian ambassador in Lisbon to a meeting yesterday to transmit the government’s “firm rejection” and “unequivocal condemnation” of Russia’s “illegal” annexation of Ukrainian territories following sham referenda.

During the meeting, the director general of foreign politics Rui Vinhas stressed that the “act of annexation is illegal and configures a gross violation of International Law, the effects of which Portugal will never recognise”.

This information has come from a Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement which has given no information on any comments that may have been made by the Russian ambassador, who is also not named in the statement.

The statement ends with the background information that Russian president Vladimir Putin “formalised the annexation of four Ukrainian regions – Donetsk, Legansk, Kherson and Zaporijia – last Friday following the holding of referenda “considered illegal by a large part of the international community”.

Lusa meantime has carried a small piece on the fact that the ambassador – Mikhail Kamynin – maintains that the realisation of the referenda “corresponds to a right consecrated in the United Nations Charter”.

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