Government should invest in sexual education

THE PORTUGUESE government should invest in sexual education in schools, according to 47 per cent of the people who answered a recent survey carried out by Durex.

The same survey, which questioned 317,000 people, revealed that adults between the ages of 45 and 55 had lost their virginity at the age of 17, while those between the ages of 16 and 20 had, on average, had their first sexual experience at 13. At least 34 per cent of Portuguese admitted to having practised sex without protection despite knowing nothing about their sexual partner.

Smashing the myth that Latins are always “up for it”, the Portuguese spend two thirds of the year without getting their oats, having sex 108 times, divided on average to twice a week. However, the Portuguese were above the European and world average out of the 41 countries analysed, with only the Greeks proving more dynamic, enjoying 138 sexual activities per year. The Japanese, on the other hand, proved the most conservative, with only 45 sexual experiences a year.

According to the public research survey, age does seem to be a significant factor as to how often a person has sex. The 35-44 age group has sex 112 times a year, while the 16-20 age group settles for 60 times.

Men, on average, are more active than women, enjoying sex 104 times a year, while women have sex 101 times. Men were also the most unsatisfied with their sex life, with 41 per cent saying that they would like more sexual encounters, while 29 per cent of women were in that position.

As to preferences, 29 per cent of the Portuguese said they had an open mind about sex, 37 per cent said they had a fulfilling sexual relationship, 24 per cent had an affair on the side, 12 per cent had had a threesome, 44 per cent had practised anal sex and 29 per cent used sex toys.