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Government sets up new communication website in English

As part of its strategy to get the Portuguese people more familiar with the digital age, the Government launched a new website on Tuesday.

The new site, at, reduces costs and simplifies processes by getting rid of other ministerial sites and replacing it with one government site which is said to be clear, organised and easy to navigate.

The site provides news and information about each ministry, general news items to do with Portugal, world events and the Portuguese-speaking world.

It has sections about the government and its departments, the ministries and Portuguese democracy.

The scheme is also part of a red tape cost-cutting measure which should enable the Government to save millions of Euros.

It also invites citizens to create their own movement to defend a cause and the one that gets the most votes will get an audience with the prime minister.

The pages explain where and how the Government spends your taxes, has handy simulators on how much tax you can expect to pay, and even allows individuals to personalise the portal in terms of ‘favourites’.

The Government says that the new website is a “relevant tool” which follows editorial guidelines and has four main strategies: to bring government closer to the people; to serve as an educational and informative tool; to involve people and demonstrate and encourage greater transparency.