Government questioned over lack of meds at Algarve hospitals

The Left Bloc (BE) has questioned the Ministry of Health over recent delays in the stock of much-needed medication at Algarve hospitals.

As the Resident reported last week (see, a cancer patient at Faro Hospital failed to receive a painkilling injection last month for the second time since November.

A multiple-sclerosis patient is also reported to have left Portimão Hospital without the necessary medication.

According to BE MP Cecília Honório, the situation has to be dealt with urgently. “It is not acceptable that patients are denied the medication they need,” she said.

BE says these situations cause “great consternation” to patients, not only because they interrupt treatments but also because they are forced to travel long distances to pick up the medication.

Thus the left-wingers demand to know why the medication was unavailable, how long for and what is being done to resolve the problem.

By MICHAEL BRUXO [email protected]