Government prepares “profound” new exemptions for unpopular green receipts

The unfairness of the “green receipts regime” that has been the bane of Portugal’s many thousand ‘self-employed’ is at last being tackled by the government.

Media reports on measures to be adopted in the upcoming State Budget say independent workers will be presented by a much more wide-ranging system that does away with Social Security contributions.

The “profound” changes have already been discussed by the Council of Ministers but for now the government is limiting its announcements.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, sources are simply confirming that “new exemptions, and the absence of the need to make Social Security contributions” are part of the package.

The idea is to bring in a form of social protection that the regime was notoriously lacking, at the same time as creating a minimum monthly rate for contributions.

Weeks ago, news centred on green receipts’ Social Security dues being calculated on the basis of the last two months’ earnings.