Government plans to claw back debt

SOCIAL SECURITY minister José Vieira da Silva announced on Friday that the government hopes to recoup 550 million euros in debt owed to Segurança Social up to this year.

According to the Minister of Employment and Social Security the number “is ambitious, but possible” given that in 2006, the government succeeded in getting back some 468.7 million euros.

Da Silva said that the third national plan to combat fraud was continuing apace along the lines laid down by the government, but that now some new innovations have been introduced.

New features

One such feature is the System of Official Remuneration Declared, which allows undeclared income and incomplete information given on declared income to be detected.

According to the Secretary State for Social Security, Pedro Marques, Portugal is standing before “a revolution in the way the system functions and information is processed and used” which would have a considerable effect in 2007.

“We are still a long way off from reaching all of the companies involved since our inspectors have yet to complete their reports and inspections on companies whose stated declarations of income short of what we know it should be,” said Marques.

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