Government “owns 23,000 buildings, but still has to rent one”… for POSEUR

It’s a new “disgrace” highlighted by the nation’s media and poking fun at environment minister Jorge Moreira da Silva, the man dubbed “Public Enemy No 1” for his insistence on demolishing 800 homes along Ria Formosa in the Algarve.

Económico website explains that Moreira da Silva’s ministry – despite having a choice of 22,957 state buildings – says it cannot find one that suits its purposes for the management authority of POSEUR, yet another catastrophic choice of initials for anyone with even the most rudimentary grasp of the French language but decided upon for the government’s Use of Resources programme.

POSEUR benefits from €2.65 billion in community funding, adds Económico and has been advertising for the premises it hopes to find in central Lisbon, with close proximity to public transports.

It requires an area of 2,000 sqm that will need to be available from November 1 for a period of at least five years “automatically renewable for successive two-year periods with a maximum (rental) period to December 31 2023”.

What this reveals about the current government’s confidence in the run-up to October’s general election is one thing, but as Económico points out, the State already owns 21.6% more buildings than it did when this executive came to power.

A source within POSEUR has explained that the programme’s first thought was to use an existing public building, but the DGTF (department of treasury and finance) had “confirmed the inexistence of a state building with the necessary requirements”.

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