Government is ‘responsible’ for orchestra’s dire finances

Municipal funds to support the Algarve Orchestra project have been reduced by 42%, to a level compared to 2003, said an Algarve PCP member of parliament.

In a letter to the Secretariat of State for Culture warning about the Algarve Orchestra’s dire financial situation, Paulo Sá demands to know what will be done to ensure continuation of its classical music projects in the region.

The politician warned that the number of orchestra musicians has already been reduced due to the lack of funds and that many employment contracts with administrative staff have not been renewed.

“We cannot blame the câmaras for the reduced financial support, when distribution of public funds by the central government is not done in a just manner. Câmaras are limited in their capacity to support local causes, particularly the arts,” said Paulo Sá.

The PCP MP believes the government needs to take responsibility for this situation and provide additional funds to support the Algarve Orchestra.