Government ignores Algarveans

The leader of the Socialist Party (PS) in the Algarve is accusing the coalition government PSD/CDS-PP of compromising the future of the Algarve population by ignoring the “extremely serious” unemployment situation and failing to implement measures that are tailored to the region’s unique economic situation.

Speaking during a meeting in Faro, António Eusébio said the Algarve had the highest unemployment rate in Portugal, yet the government continued to ignore the problem that is affecting thousands of families. He said: “We are going through difficult times and fear for our future as unemployment, poverty, hunger and social exclusion become the order of the day in our lives.”

The regional PS leader demanded urgent measures from the government that are specific to the Algarve situation in order to combat the “economic and social asphyxia resultant from repressive measures”. António Eusébio strongly criticised the government’s “indifference” to the way it treats crucial issues affecting the Algarve, citing as examples of its “bad management” the recently launched job incentives programme (Impulso Jovem), which does not help resolve the problem of seasonal unemployment, the perpetuation of the tolls, the suspension of the EN125 redevelopment works and the yet to be built Hospital Central do Algarve.