Government called to explain €125 million tax waiver to Brisa motorway concession

Government ‘allies’ Bloco de Esquerda want an explanation over the €125 million tax ‘pardon’ benefitting motorway concession Brisa last year.

The ‘pardon’ – relating to IRC business levies – is another example, they say, of how large taxpayers are treated very differently from small ones.

The official reason for waiving the tax was that Brisa had sold 16.35% of its concession to Brazilians CCR.

BE say the decision was not consensual.

Among people who may now be called to respond to the challenge is former secretary of state Rocha Andrade who resigned over the football freebies scandal last year.

Rocha Andrade sits on the commission that “evaluated” Brisa’s massive pardon, explains tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Another detailed explanation will be demanded from secretary of state for fiscal affairs António Mendes.

BE’s ‘economic firebrand Mariana Mortágua told CM that: “Large taxpayers in general and large businesses in particular benefit from a legal code that facilitates planning and has access to the means that allow abusive fiscal planning, even fraud”.

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