Government approves Algarve and Sines ports merge

After months of political pressure and complaints by port authorities in the Algarve, much-needed investment would seem to be on the way. The government has approved a proposal for the merging of Portimão and Faro ports with Sines, saying the move will ensure that both ports finally get the funding they have needed “for decades”.
In an official statement released to the media, the Council of Ministers confirmed that the new Sines and Algarve Ports Administration (ASP) would mean both ports in the Algarve will be able “to increase their capacity both in terms of cruises as well as cargo”.
The announcement follows much political pressure from all quarters. In April last year, the communist party PCP harangued parliament for the lack of interest given to the Algarve’s ports, contending that the local economy was losing out on all manner of potential spin-off business.
See next week’s edition of the Algarve Resident newspaper (January 31) for the full report.