Gorro – Look out for the beanie

One of the most interesting new wine projects up north of recent years, the Boutique Wine Company was created by António Olazabal Ferreira (the nephew of the Olazabal of Vale Meão fame) and winemaker Nuno Morais and produces wines in the Douro and Trás-os-Montes regions.

This is the second wine they made named after a hat, the first being Boina, a field blend white from the Douro.

This new white with the old man wearing a beanie on the label is made from the Loureiro grape, usually found in the Vinho Verde region and is an excellent example of the potential of this grape variety.

On the nose, there is exotic tropical fruit and floral notes, immense freshness in the mouth with great acidity balancing a subtle creaminess and structure, clean and vibrant finish. Well worth the price – €10.95 at Apolónia.

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