Google “comes to Portugal, bringing 500 jobs”

With Portugal riding the crest of the wave in Davos this week – today being dubbed “Portugal Day” at the world economic forum – prime minister António Costa has revealed that Google has chosen this country for its new “service centre” for Europe, Africa and the Middle East”.

The uplifting news will see the creation of 500 “qualified jobs”, said Costa.

The PM was giving Davos the benefit of everything Portugal has to offer in a speech entitled: “Why Portugal, why now” presenting the country to foreign investors as “competitive, particularly when it comes to start-ups and investment technologies”.

The theme has suddenly explained the timing of an article published hours earlier by “fleeced” BES senior bond holders warning investors that Portugal’s economic recovery ”is not what it seems” (click here).

Nonetheless, Costa has reason to be delighted: Portugal clinched this deal amid “tough international competition”, say reports.

Google’s new centre is expected to open in Oeiras (on the outskirts of Lisbon) in June, and hire “some of the country’s most talented engineers”.

Talks with the Portuguese government began during November’s web summit, said Costa

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