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Good luck Tim

Carvoeiro Tennis Club was the venue for a recent event to wish Tim Saltys success in the next stage of his tennis career, as well as giving him the opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of shaping and supporting him up to this point.

Tim Saltys’ parents, together with Ron and Elke, the managers of Carvoeiro Tennis Club, decided to throw a farewell tournament for Tim, as he will soon be going to the renowned Sanchez and Casal tennis centre in Barcelona, Spain.

Tim was praised by the club for his passion of tennis and hard work on the tennis court, his good manners and behaviour, and for bringing humour to the court. He was presented with a trophy from the club inscribed with the words: “Tim’s farewell tournament – to the best kid in town” together with a certificate for being Carvoeiro’s club most dedicated student. 

There have been many people who have contributed to Tim’s game over the years and he had two special presentations of his own. One to his NLP Sports Mind coach, Tracy Braun, who helped him believe that his dream was possible, and one to Graeme Hulme, his tennis coach, for improving his tennis game.

It was a fabulous day, which reflected the spirit of someone young who, due to his determination and belief in himself, is expecting to improve his game enough in the next year to attract sponsors so he can follow his dream of becoming a tennis champion in the future.