‘Good but could be better’: AMAL boss calls for adjustments to bus and rail pass price ceiling

The €40 price ceiling to the Algarve’s public transportation passes has been hailed as a “positive measure” that still needs “adjustments” by the president of the Algarve Municipalities Association (AMAL).

António Pina, who is also Mayor of Olhão, said that the measure was only implemented a few months ago but is already showing positive results, allowing “many people” to benefit from lower prices, although he has not revealed exact numbers.

“Records show that there has been an increase in the number of people using public transportation and a substantial decrease in the costs for regular users,” Pina told national news agency Lusa.

However, he said adjustments still need to be made.

For example, “there are cases where it is cheaper to purchase two separate passes then just one covered by the price ceiling programme (PART)”.

“This is a learning curve, but I think the measure has been satisfactory in every way,” said Pina, adding that municipalities are working together to make sure the price ceiling is implemented successfully.

“Mistakes will be corrected along the way … it is preferable to make adjustments when necessary as opposed to waiting for ages until the perfect system is implemented.”

The price ceiling was established on May 1 to guarantee that pass prices would range between €14 and €40, representing an 80% decrease on tariffs.

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