Gone fishing

I would like to say that to read an article on fishing in your newspaper was very refreshing and stirred-up my interests again for this wonderful sport. I have since been in contact with your contributor, David Godwin, and explained my frustration in retiring to a wonderful location that offers little opportunity for fly-fishing, which was an important interest most of my life.

I am not alone in this frustration and, like many, travel abroad to go fishing. David’s article, no doubt, has spurred others to look more closely at what can be obtained locally. Maybe it will also spark enough interest to form a small group of anglers to share experience on fishing here. Please continue this approach.

I might add that I have many other interests, photography, clay shooting, model engineering and motorbikes in addition to fishing and have not found any clubs or groups formed to share these interests. On the other hand, I have discovered, by accident, that there are others with similar interests around who also feel frustrated with the lack of support here.

Maybe, through further articles in your paper on other hobbies, you could act as a catalyst for further promotion. Many thanks for your newspaper.

David Challenor

By email

Editor’s note: Thank you for your email and for sharing your ideas with us. And don’t forget – David Godwin has ‘gone fishing’ and will be sharing his experiences with us in next week’s edition (February 4)!