Golf restrictions

Dear Editor,

I read with interest your article on the legality of surfing contained within the story regarding a police launch stranded on Luz beach.

If the law allows for the practice of individual sport, then can golf be played in a one ball (person) format? There are thousands of frustrated golfers in the Algarve, most of whom have paid annual subscriptions in advance and are now prevented from playing.

Golf is a great exercise and Covid-friendly.

Nigel Walmsley

Editor’s response: Golf is not allowed in any of its formats under the current state of emergency rules. Portugal’s golfing federation has already appealed for the green-light to reopen courses, pointing out that “golf is an individual sport practised in the open air”, “the technical demands of which require physical distancing”, and that “no golfing events or practices appear to have been linked to the transmission of Covid-19”. The government’s plan for deconfinement will be announced this month and should include information about the practice of sports.