Golf congress in Faro

The existing golf courses in the Algarve are at risk of becoming empty, if the growth of the number of spaces is not accompanied by good marketing campaigns, says a specialist in this area.

Speaking at Faro University, at the ‘First Congress of International Golf’, expert economist Victor Martins said: “There is a risk that there has been more offer than demand in the last few years. So it is essential to have good marketing to widen the golfing market, which here is made up of mainly English golfers”, he explained. “It is clear that the variation of demand will take time, and will not happen by simply creating more golf courses,” he commented. “It degrades the quality and forces businessmen to lower their prices to attract golfers.”

Martins also warned businessmen not to pay attention to the recent increase in demand, as golf should not be considered as a way of making a ‘quick buck’. The economist also pointed out that the higher prices in the Algarve, compared with other golfing destinations, is a positive factor as it establishes a difference in quality. “As long as the prices are accompanied by quality, their increase is not damaging to the golfing business.” He explained: “If we start making golf too cheap and accessible, we are going to attract other parts of the market that probably aren’t the best, which will cause a degradation of quality and project a negative image on the golf courses”.

The Congress is the first to gather in Portugal, and was attended by researchers and businessmen who plan on trading experiences and studies to define strategies for a sustainable golf development in the Algarve.

To present the subjects, the Congress included many national and international speakers, namely from the UK, Spain, USA and Morocco.