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Goldra dog sanctuary – not a good idea

Dear Editor,

Is it my impression or is it only I that thinks that reinstating the dog sanctuary up at Goldra is a BAD idea!! Maybe being a resident and being personally affected by this has something to do with it? I’m not sure! But let’s look at it from another point of view!

Who in their right mind thought that having a dog sanctuary near one of the highest hills overlooking the sea in the Algarve … was a good idea! I can understand the previous owner who had little or no choice to do it in that location due to her financial conditions … but for a group of well intentioned people to purchase the property to do so has to be insane!

I’m sure the foreign residents who have purchased properties in the area will be happy to know that their nightmare is returning … not to mention the very few locals who remain there…. these will be pleased to know that a group of concerned citizens has decided what is best for the animals and totally ignored the neighbours and residents. There is so much isolated countryside where this very necessary project can be carried out probably with less expense and state help and they choose that specific area … I didn’t realise the animals wanted good views too …

And when people cannot find the sanctuary and leave their unwanted pets outside my drive … who do I talk to? Do I or my neighbours need to go to Loulé and hand in these animals as I have done in the past or will there be a well intentioned citizen available to take in the animal?

Yes, good intentions are a great thing as long as they are thought out properly and have everyone’s well being in mind… Both animals and PEOPLE!


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