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Goldfish full of life

A goldfish survived for seven hours after leaping from its tank onto a stone floor.

Pet goldfish Sparkle survived the seven long hours behind the dresser which the tank was on, among dog hair, dust and fluff.

Owner Paula Dunster, 48, realised the fish was missing when she noticed there was only one fish swimming in the tank. It was only when a pet shop owner told her the fish may have leapt out of the tank that she looked for the fish and found him on the floor behind the dresser.

When Paula found Sparkle, she presumed he was dead but she did not have the heart to flush him away so she decided to clean him under the tap and he began to start breathing.

A spokesman from the National Marine Aquarium said an incident like this was possible but very unlikely as once fish are out of water they get stressed and die.

The fish may have lowered his metabolic rate and then survived with one coating of water.