Going for gold!

news: Going for gold!

Some 57 Bronze and Silver medals were presented recently by Cascais Câmara President, António d’Orey Capucho, and D. Duarte, Duke of Bragança, to those who had competed in the two levels of the Prémio Infante D. Henrique (equivalent to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards). The presentation took place in the Museu do Mar Rei D. Carlos, in Cascais. Proud parents and friends were there to witness the presentation of these prestigious awards.

Following the presentation, Geert Sillevis commented, after receiving his Silver award: “I actually found out that I liked walking, the downside was when we got lost – who was to blame? But now I’m looking forward to competing for my Gold award.” João Figueiredo, a serving GNR officer at Queluz, said, after receiving his Bronze and Silver awards: “I enjoyed working as a team with the younger ones and am looking forward to getting my Gold next year!” Marta Oliveira, 15, commented, after receiving her Bronze and Silver awards: “The awards got me motivated and boosted my self-esteem. It was good exchanging ideas. What I hated the most was everything getting wet in the rain.”

Bronze Awards presented to:

Ana Mouchet de Castro, Ana Ferreira, Ana da Silva, Adriana Alencar, Andrew Brooks, André Kong, Archie McClintock, Blanch Drysdale, Cláudia Viegas, Daniela Nieto, Diogo Poyhonen, Filipe Ayash, Francisco de Vigo, João Figueiredo (GNR), Joana Capucho, José Matos, Justine Fisher, Jessica Woolfson, Luiza Neves, Maria Reis d’Orey, Marta de Oliveira, Pedro Moreira, Samuel Holmes, Soraia Landeiro, Telma Coelho, Tomás da Costa.

Silver Awards presented to:

Alexandre Weiws, Ana Mouchet de Castro, Andrew Brooks, Carolina Freire, Diogo Polyhonen, Douglas Badder, Esteban Restrepo, Geert Sillevis, Guilherme de Mello, Isabel Soares, Isabel Meadowcroft, João Figueiredo (GNR), José Araújo, Justine Fisher, Luis Baptista, Luiza Neves, Maria Reis d’orey, Marta de oliveira, Marta da Cunha, Marta Ferreira, Melissa Gonçalves, Miguel Côrte-Real, Nathan Mor, Oliver Speake, Pedro Moreira, Rita Alves, Ruben Vriend, Sarah Stow, Trenton Hughes, Victor Heinrichsen, Zack Woolfson.