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God’s Healing Word

God’s Healing Word

by Felicity Corbin-Wheeler

On an altogether different note, God’s Healing Word will be the subject of a book signing at the Griffin Bookshop on Tuesday, March 27, between 11.30am and 1pm.

Felicity has divided her time between her native Jersey and the Algarve for many years and, sadly, has had more than her fair share of exposure to cancer in her family leading to the deaths of her 17-year-old daughter and, more recently, her husband.

When she herself was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago, she decided to investigate alternative treatments to those recommended by the orthodox medical world.

This book is a composite of an autobiographical experience of her healing (she is now 100 per cent cancer free), her research about laetrile, also known as B17 and recommendations for a healthy cancer beating diet based on the book of Genesis. Felicity is also a preacher and weaves her religious beliefs into her story and The Genesis Diet.

Everyone is welcome to attend this book signing and meet Felicity on March 27. The newly re-opened restaurant situated above the Griffin Bookshop, Almancal, will be offering a special lunch menu on that day featuring the ingredients recommended in The Genesis Diet. For reservations, ring 289 356 525.

Available in paperback at 20 euros