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Go glamourous this Easter!

Make way for the ‘Beyonce’

We’ve had the ‘Rachel’, we’ve had the ‘Posh’, we’ve even had the ‘Kate’ but the latest to hit the world of beauty and fashion is the ‘Beyonce’.

Of course I’m talking about A-list hairstyles. Beyonce, singer and actress extraordinaire, is now the focus of many a woman’s dream of the perfect updo, and many hairdressers the world over are being asked for the look.

“The Beyoncé is basically a streamlined backcombed bouffant”, says celebrity hairstylist Errol Douglas. “It’s very contemporary, a more tailored version of the big, glam bouffant hair in the 80s. This style is easier to do but the transformation element is still there – you feel different instantly. It’s a sassy look, popular on the catwalk, and it’s very versatile – you can dress it up with makeup or leave it without.

“Beyoncé has become so big… everyone wants a piece of her, and this is an easy, accessible way to get that,” he adds.

Red lips

Although the catwalks have been full of dark smoky eyes and nude lips of late, the newest trend to appear on top models is vampy red lipstick.

However, if you opt for dark lips, try and keep your eyes as simple as possible, choosing instead a slick of mascara and just a touch of eyeliner.

With something to suit everyone, whether it be orangey hues or shades of bluish reds, be sure to choose something to suit your skin colouring. For example, if you have pale skin, look for a lipstick with a blue undertone, while if you have medium-to-dark skin, opt for a more intense red with a brown base. Dark skin looks amazing with pinky-reds, bright fuchsia and orange-based poppy reds.