GNR visit homeowners to give burglary prevention tips

GNR police are patrolling residential areas to raise awareness among citizens about break-ins and burglaries and how to prevent them. The initiative is part of Operation ‘Residência Segura’ (Safe Home), which started on Monday and runs until Friday across Portugal.

“Although these crimes can occur at any time of the day and week, they tend to happen at weekdays during the afternoon when people are at work,” the police force warns.

The GNR have released a list of recommendations for citizens to follow as “safety is everyone’s responsibility”:

• Do not open your house door, or building door, without knowing who is there.

• When you leave your house, shut all windows and lock all doors and gates.

• Keep all copies of your house key in a safe place.

• Make sure your front door has a peephole and a safety lock.

• Lock all windows and doors at night even if you are at home.

• Do not leave any notes on your front door, windows or mailbox that suggest you are away from home.

• Do not let your mail pile up in your mailbox, which should have a secure lock.

• People who live on ground and first-floors are advised to install a safety system on their windows.

• Illuminate all entrances to your home.

• If you notice any suspicious activity near your home, call the GNR.

• If you come face-to-face with a burglar in your home, try to stay calm, do not confront or fight with the burglar. Try to remember their facial features and clothes so that you can provide a description to the authorities.

• Always have the number of your nearest GNR station nearby. In case of an emergency, call 112.

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