GNR union queries ‘strange’ €100 raise for new recruits

The union argues that this can only happen if the whole pay scale is changed

The leading union representing members of Portugal’s GNR has described as “strange” government plans – announced on Friday – to increase what new guards will receive each month by some €100, arguing that this can only happen if the whole pay scale is changed.

“It is very strange to talk about salary increases when the pay scale has not been changed,” the president of the Association of Professionals of the GNR (APG/GNR), César Nogueira, told Lusa after the minister of internal administration, José Luís Carneiro, announced that the draft state budget for 2023 foresees increases of around €100 for new PSP and GNR agents.

Nogueira maintained that the minister cannot be referring to salary increases, but rather about benefits, such as accommodation and meal vouchers for the new members of the security forces, which had already been announced.

“This is not about any increase, but about the social support that will be given to agents at the beginning of their careers,” he said. “That’s all it can be.”

If this is a pay rise, Nogueira said, the minister would have to justify this to remaining military personnel, as their interests would be harmed thereby, since they had not received a pay rise “for 12 years”.

The APG president also said that, if the measure is implemented, the most junior guards would be receiving more than those on the next career rank, bearing in mind that the difference in basic salary is around €50.

Source: LUSA