GNR union plans vigils, protest due to 'great discontent'

GNR union plans vigils, protest due to ‘great discontent’

The largest association representing GNR officers announced on Thursday plans to stage vigils and a demonstration in October due to what it described as the “great discontent and demotivation” of its members and the “constant disregard” for their concerns on the part of the government.

“By constantly disregarding and successively deceiving GNR professionals, the government is forcing us to demonstrate the great discontent and lack of motivation through street actions,” the Association of Professionals of the GNR (APG/GNR) said in a statement. “As a result, the APG/GNR will schedule vigils for the month of October that will culminate in a great national action.”

Contacted by Lusa, the association’s president, César Nogueira, said that no date had yet been set for the vigils and demonstration.

The move was decided by the APG’s national leadership, which met on Thursday to analyse the current situation. According to the association – which is the largest representing GNR officers – “the reasons that have been at the root of this discontent are serious and numerous.”

Among the reasons for the discontent are, according to APG, stagnating salaries, personnel shortages, scarce resources and equipment, with many “obsolete or inoperable, awaiting repair”, and an absence of opportunities to choose placements.

The APG demands an “urgent increase in the pay scale” and a review of the pay system, which has been in force for more than 12 years, and argues that the GNR has to abandon the current management model, which works as if it were a branch of the Armed Forces.

“This is a model that works in the Armed Forces, as their mission involves quartering and preparing for an eventual conflict,” the association notes. “In a security force like the GNR, this model does not work. The GNR’s mission is police, for the benefit of citizens, to guarantee public safety in a preventative way, in the streets, which is not compatible with the concept of quartering.”

It also cited the “constant violations of service timetables, with cuts and suppressions of time off for no reason” and “the disastrous” application of the GNR evaluation system as other reasons for the discontent of the military.

Source: Lusa