GNR to be able to “see through walls”

It’s a new item of equipment that allows people to literally see through walls, and it is on its way to the GNR’s crack GIOE unit.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, the hand-held XaverNet monitor system will be delivered to agents in Portugal “within days”.

Costing €100,000 it will be “fundamental” in hostage-situations and other dramas where people have barricaded themselves in, and police are trying to work out their best way forwards.

Says the paper, the beauty of this new piece of equipment is that assessments can be made from as far away as 200 metres.

It is a work tool that GIOE (the Special Ops Intervention Group) has wanted for some time, explains CM.

Purchased from Israeli security company Camero, the remote wireless device can also be used to discover people who have been ‘buried’ in landslides/ earthquakes.

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