GNR officer by tractor

GNR steps up agricultural patrols; focus on safety, theft and possible human trafficking

Campo Seguro to run until December 31

Portugal’s National Republican Guard (GNR)is stepping up patrols and checks on farms and forestry plantations in order to prevent possible situations of human trafficking and theft, and to promote the safe use of vehicles, writes Lusa.

In a statement, the force says the operation, dubbed Campo Seguro (Safe Field), which runs to 31 December, aims to intensify patrolling, surveillance and awareness, on agricultural and forested land throughout the country, to prevent crime in general and theft in particular, as well as possible situations of human trafficking – a reality that has been increasingly in the news.

The GNR also seeks to raise awareness among the population in general and the rural population in particular to adopt behaviours to prevent the theft of agricultural products, copper and other non-precious metals and the safe use of agricultural and forestry vehicles.

It recalls that last year 561 accidents involving agricultural vehicles were registered, 47 deaths and 64 serious injuries.

“Awareness-raising actions directed at users of tractors and agricultural machinery will be undertaken, with the aim of enforcing safety rules and preventing the occurrence of accidents when manoeuvring agricultural and forestry vehicles/machinery,” says the force.

In the note, the GNR advises users not to neglect vehicle maintenance, to use lighting and signalling accessories in accordance with the law, to attend theoretical and practical training sessions, and not to drive under the influence of alcohol, fatigue or speed unsuitable for the conditions of the vehicle and the load carried.

It also recalls that protective structures on vehicles such as a so-called ‘Santo António arch’ can prevent the driver’s death or reduce the severity of injuries in case of collisions or other accidents.

Operation Campo Seguro will involve military personnel from several GNR divisions, namely the Territorial Commands, the Nature and Environment Protection Service, the Security and State Honours Unit and the Fiscal Action Unit.

According to the force, there will also be actions of control and inspection of the transport of agricultural and forestry products at land border crossing points, in coordination with Spain’s Guardia Civil.

Source: Lusa