GNR police seize 3.7 tonnes of hashish in Tavira

GNR police seized 3.7 tonnes of hashish in a major drug bust in Tavira on Sunday, March 22.

The massive haul was intercepted when a team from Vila Real de Santo António’s GNR coastal control unit spotted two inflatable boats which they deemed suspicious.

The police force, with the support of SIVICC (which stands for integrated system of coastal control), followed the boats until they docked in Cabanas de Tavira. A van was already waiting for the traffickers who began loading the drugs inside when they spotted the agents and were able to escape.

Police confiscated the two boats, the van and 113 bales of hashish and identified a man believed to have been involved in the unloading of drugs.

The case is now being investigated by the PJ criminal police.

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