GNR police arrest drug-dealing burglars

Two men aged 24 and 30 were arrested on Monday (March 7) after GNR police found “434 doses of hashish and several guns and weapons” in their homes in Silves.

According to a GNR police statement, as well as being suspected of drug dealing, the men are also facing burglary charges as “six cell phones, two televisions and several routers and cable TV boxes” were found during the house searches – the items are believed to have been stolen.

Police also confiscated a “6.35mm calibre pistol, a sawn-off shotgun, a baton and several knives and munitions”.

The investigation was led by Silves’ DIAP (department of penal investigation).

As we went to press, the duo was expected to be heard by Silves Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Two other people aged 16 and 25 were also named ‘arguidos’ (official suspects).

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