GNR launch heart-stopping video appealing to drivers to SLOW DOWN… and think!

Nine deaths in two days prompt latest appeal

Nine people lost their lives in accidents on the nation’s roads last weekend.

Since then, in another tragic incident, three elderly women on their way to a routine medical appointment in Évora were all killed in a head-on collision.

What is causing this level of death? The GNR believes it is a combination of too much speed and too little thought – thus the video of some of the lunatic driving its agents have witnessed on the nation’s roads.

Explain reports, the call is for “prudence” – a word used a great deal in the Portuguese language, usually in the hope that someone will adopt it.

Says the message under the video posted online: “For all those who use the Portuguese roads, we advise prudence, avoid dangers and unnecessary risks; adopt responsible, cautious driving. Help us combat traffic accidents!

“Don’t make the road your last stop” ND