GNR fines over 50 travelling motorhomers in Silves and Armação de Pêra

GNR police are once again on the lookout for “illegal” motorhomers in the pretty riverside town of Silves.

According to Correio da Manhã newpaper, over 50 four-wheeled travellers were fined on Wednesday morning (March 18) for “illegally parking and camping” in Silves, as well as in nearby Armação de Pêra.

CM reports that the police operation included inspections in a parking lot near Armação beach as well as on the plot of river-facing land between the municipal pool and the Fissul building.

“I was fined €30 because the GNR thought I was occupying four parking spaces,” 75-year-old French motorhomer Jean Santarpia told the paper.

CM also reported that local association Os Armacenenses may face charges for “illegally running a car park” near the beach.

According to CM, most of the motorhomers left Silves after the police operation.

This latest attack on the seasonal travellers follows last year’s controversy when GNR police insisted on moving motorhomers out of their winter spots despite the fact that locals said the business they brought with them was “very welcome” (see story ‘GNR red-faced as Silves campers return’ at

As a result of the upset, regional authorities forged an agreement to make the Algarve a more ‘motorhome-friendly region’ and create a “regional strategy for the sector”. But according to sources, the ‘agreement’ is taking its time to filter through to entities like the GNR.