GNR Easter Operation

GNR Easter 2023 Operation underway

The patrol operation goes beyond road inspection, guaranteeing safety and protection for the population during the Easter holiday period.

The GNR’s Easter 2023 Operation has already started and will run until April 11. This year, the safety operation will include actions to raise awareness and monitor traffic to help reduce road accidents and regulate traffic during the festivities.

In a statement, the GNR recalls that the Easter season is characterised by families gathering in their regions of origin and the school holiday period, thus predicting a significant increase in traffic on Portuguese roads.

The operation is aimed at people’s safety and protection, going beyond road inspection. Therefore, the GNR’s effort will be directed towards festivity venues and their surroundings, as well as residential and commercial areas, paying particular attention to “most critical traffic routes”.

The most significant road patrol effort will occur between Thursday and the end of the day on Monday when the highest volume of traffic is expected.

The GNR advises drivers to drive attentively, cautiously and defensively so that the festive period can be spent safely.

The GNR also calls on drivers to adapt their speed to weather conditions, the state of the road and the volume of road traffic and avoid dangerous manoeuvres that could cause accidents.

GNR agents will be especially attentive to risky behaviour by drivers, dangerous manoeuvres, driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances, excessive speed, correct signalling and execution of overtaking manoeuvres, changing direction and giving way, misuse of the cell phones and incorrect or non-use of seat belts and child seats.