GNR donates 38 tons of ‘seized fish’ to social solidarity institutions

Ever wondered what happens to the fish that you read has been ‘seized’ due to various bureaucratic infractions? Apparently, a lot of it goes to social solidarity institutions. Last year, for example, 38 tons out of a total of 128 tons was delivered to organisations feeding the needy who may by now be heartily “fed up with fish”. A ton and a half was “returned to the sea still alive”

But anyone with a rudimentary grasp of maths will be wondering ‘what happened to the remaining 88.5 tons?’

Maisalgarve website is not saying, but the website does add that 166 tons of (delicious, usually expensive) shellfish was ‘apprehended’, of which 98 tons was returned to the sea, again because it was still alive. The rest? Well, it didn’t turn up in a meals-on-wheels van for the needy.

Maisalgarve explains that seizures usually take place because police find fishermen have: taken species from the sea of the incorrect size, not got the correct transportation papers or are not licensed to sell fresh fish.

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