Albufeira - Photo: João Chambino

GNR disperse 600 people after breaking up illegal parties in Albufeira and Vilamoura

Two illegal parties, attended by around 600 people in total, were broken up by GNR police in the Algarve this week.

The first party was broken up at a restaurant in Albufeira after GNR police were alerted by maritime police. After arriving at the scene, officers noticed a “large gathering of people”, said to be around 200, both inside and outside the restaurant “clearly breaking Covid-19 rules”.

The restaurant was closed, and its owner handed a notice.

The other party, believed to have been attended by around 400 people, was detected in the early hours of this morning (July 30) in an “isolated area” of Vilamoura. GNR officers were met with violence and “immediate intervention was necessary to restore order and safety in the area”.

Three people were arrested and named official suspects (arguidos), the police force added.

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