GNR condemned for corruption

TWO MEMBERS of the GNR were given over three years suspended sentences each by Portimão Court for corruption, white slavery and aiding illegal immigration.

António Sapateiro, Lagoa’s GNR commander and former commander of Portimão GNR, was given three years and five months suspended sentence over his involvement in a prostitution ring that was run by the owner of the Paraíso da Música bar in Alcalar, Portimão.

It was proven in court that António Sapateiro received free sexual favours from prostitutes working at the bar in return for not carrying out inspections and ignoring what was happening.

Another member of the GNR, corporal Inácio Duarte from Portimão GNR, also received three years and two months suspended sentence for having accepted money from the bar owner in return for his cooperation.

The judge, Alda Casimiro, who read out the sentences, highlighted the “serious unlawful behaviour” of the two, especially because they are GNR and “have a greater responsibility to act correctly”.

Maria Fernanda dos Reis Silva, owner of the Paraíso da Música bar, received the heaviest penalty being condemned to a total of six years in prison for white slavery, aiding illegal immigration, falsifying documents, money laundering and corruption.

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