GNR catch drug traffickers

By ELOISE WALTON [email protected]

Albufeira GNR arrested four people on suspicion of drug trafficking in Vale Paraíso in the early hours of November 1.

According to a GNR spokesman, an argument was going on between the occupants of two vehicles, which caught the attention of police officers passing by.

The four occupants of one car, two men and two women, were acting suspiciously, which led the GNR to carry out a search of the vehicle and passengers.

It was then that the GNR seized 105 doses of cocaine and 30 doses of cannabis as well as five pen-knives, 140 euros in cash and four car tyres, which, according the GNR, may have been exchanged for drugs.

All of the suspects arrested are aged between 18 and 23 and are resident in Silves and Albufeira.

A statement from the GNR said that three of the suspects are of Portuguese nationality while the fourth is Chilean.

It added that the driver of the vehicle also had a criminal record for drug trafficking.

The four suspects appeared before a judge in Albufeira court the following day. The occupants of the second vehicle were identified and released.


Meanwhile, youths across the Algarve have been caught by the GNR for selling or possessing drugs near schools.

In one case, a 15 year-old boy was identified near the Lagoa secondary school on November 2.

According to a statement from the GNR, local police men on foot patrol detected and identified the youth who had 41 individual doses of cannabis in his possession.

While a 20 year-old man was arrested on October 30 near a school in Estoi with enough cannabis for 50 individual doses. The drugs were hidden inside a cigarette packet and a pen knife was also seized. The man was taken to Faro court where he was identified.

According to the GNR, the man confessed to selling drugs to the students at the Escola Básica de Estoi.

A 15 year-old boy was also identified for possession of four individual doses of cannabis which he had bought from the man.

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