GNR boost Christmas traffic patrols

GNR boost Christmas traffic patrols

From December 21 onwards, the GNR will be out in force on the nation’s roads watching for any traffic violations.

Talking to Correio da Manhã newspaper today, Captain Marco Cruz said 1,476 officers would be on the alert over Christmas for speeding, drink-driving, substance abuse and people driving without the right paperwork.

They will also be watching for drivers handling a mobile phone or for people not using seatbelts.

“We will patrol all the main routes on a national level,” he added. “Roads where we know there is most traffic.”

Asked what advice police had for road users, he said: “Pay attention to the technical aspects of one’s vehicle (lights, brakes, tyres) and watch the weather. Drivers doing long journeys should stop every two hours. Don’t try and do a journey in one go. Rest for 15 minutes to have a coffee and relax.”

Traffic patrols will continue through the festive season to the return to work after New Year.