GNR association demands more officers for Algarve

More GNR police officers are needed for the Algarve, says António Barreira from the GNR police officers’ association (APG/GNR).

The warning came after two GNR officers were assaulted by four people in Chinicato, Lagos, on Saturday (March 21) and were only able to arrest the assailants with the help of PSP police.

Due to the low number of officers, GNR backup only arrived when the situation was already under control.

The situation is even worse in Lagos, said Barreira. “It is revolting that a citizen calls the GNR due to a problem and the officers arrive at the scene and are assaulted,” he said, thanking PSP police for their “camaraderie”.

The union leader promises that GNR and PSP police will join forces in the protests that will soon be organised as the government “refuses to listen to those who guarantee public safety”.