GNR arrest seven after bar disturbance

POLICE ENTERED the Crazy Bull nightclub in Armação de Pêra, detaining seven people, aged between 17 and 29, after reports of unruly behaviour.

Silves GNR raided the establishment that, according to a source close to the authorities, attracts the cream of the area’s juvenile delinquents. The operation started at 1.30am when two officers entered the club. Later, a contingent of 24 policemen and four dogs sealed off the road and neighbouring bars, before three armed officers entered the club. There followed a scuffle in which one drunken customer attacked an officer and was arrested. This drew an angry response from other drinkers and led to two officers sustaining minor injuries.

Crime in Armação de Pêra has risen sharply in recent months, a trend that authorities attribute to a high immigrant population attracted by the area’s construction boom and cheap rents.