Covid vaccine

GNR agent who lost hearing after taking Covid vaccine takes legal action

The 54-year-old GNR agent who lost the hearing in his left ear following a first dose of Astra Zeneca vaccine against Covid-19 is suing the Portuguese State, the GNR and Astra Zeneca. According to reports, the man feels very hard done by: since losing his hearing, he “cannot exercise his functions fully and has lost labour and financial rights”, explain reports. “He feels let down by the service he has belonged to for 30 years”. His lawyer stresses his client was forced to take the vaccine in order to maintain his employment – and now that he has lost his hearing, he feels  ‘unsupported’ by the service which has stressed the injury cannot be seen as a ‘work accident’. Correio da Manhã today says: “Everything indicates that it was a blood clot that provoked a thrombosis in the ear”.