GNR agent faints in sole charge of Moita police station

45-year-old discovered by civilian arriving to register complaint

A GNR agent, left in sole charge of Moita police station was discovered ‘on the floor’ by a civilian at 10pm on Monday. He appears to have fainted due to a lack of sodium in his blood.

Reports explain that in fainting, he hit his forehead which caused a hematoma

The man was briefly hospitalised, and has now been discharged but remains ‘off work – while the situation in police stations throughout the country is such that the association of GNR professionals released the details of this story in a statement.

As the document explains, Moita police station, and nearby Santo António de Charneca, serve a population of 65,000 – yet they each only had one man on duty on Monday. 

“Who was there to safeguard the security of the installations, the equipment, the armaments and more importantly, that professional” when he fainted, the association queries.

“GNR professionals are working beyond the limit, performing functions without resources, without recognition. They feel increasingly abandoned”.

As it was, the collapsed agent was helped by the civilian who had entered the station to register a complaint.

Had no one entered, the man would have lain there until he regained consciousness. It is impossible to say what might have happened – but none of this is a good look for a force that is meant to be ‘keeping the public safe’.

Says the statement, warnings about the lack of personnel in Moita date back to 2011, when IGAI (the general inspectorate of internal security) considered the station “did not meet minimum conditions for operation” – but still nothing has been done.