GNR accused of abuse

TWO BROTHERS have claimed they were physically assaulted by eight GNR officers, including the commanding officer.

Acácio and Dario Lourenço made a formal complaint last week to the Public Ministry of Silves following an incident at the GNR at Armação de Pêra’s GNR station in the early hours of January 6.

Acácio Lourenço said he and friends attended the opening party for the TR nightclub in Armação de Pêra.

The GNR arrived to close the club down as it was operating out of its licencing hours when an officer noticed one of Acácio’s friends urinating behind a car.

“As we left the club, two officers seized my friend by the collar,” said Acácio. “They called him an immigrant and asked us for identification, which we supplied. They did not hurt me, but I felt they had clear racist motivations.

“As the officers drove off, I said we would be making a complaint against them. The car reversed and an officer got out, kicked me in the groin then punched me.”

Back up

Acácio said he drove to the GNR station with some friends, including his brother Dario, to make a complaint. “As I entered the station with my brother, the officers began kicking us and we were handcuffed. They called for back up, eight more officers joined them. The commander was one of them.”

In a statement, the GNR said 10 individuals had attempted to force entrance into the station, which was being manned by three officers. The officers sustained minor injuries as the invaders hurled stones at them, causing them to call for back up. Once back up arrived, most of the group fled, but the two brothers were detained.

Acácio and Dario Lourenço have been charged with attempting to break into a GNR station and will now face a judicial hearing. They were both present at the Portimão tribunal and left without further charges.

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