Glow Party to light up Vila Real de Santo António

Glow Party to light up Vila Real de Santo António

Event will bring “colour and life to the town’s historic centre”

A “magical atmosphere” is promised for the first edition of Vila Real de Santo António’s Glow Party, which will take place on Saturday, July 15 at Praça Marquês de Pombal.

Startin at 5pm, the event “will bring colour and life to the town’s historic centre.”

Participants will use body paintings an make-up with fluorescent products to make sure the event lives up to its glowing name.

Admission is free to attend and participate in activities such as a flash mob, combat classes, yoga and HIRT (high-intensity resistance training), a sunset party, Zumba classes, hip-hop dances, or an after-party that will continue into the night.

This initiative is part of the “Verão VRSA 2023” programme and is part of a series of events promoted by the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António to revitalize its “Open-Air Shopping Centre” and bring life to the town’s shopping streets.

Here’s the event’s full programme:

  • 5pm: FLASH MOB | Contemporary Ballet Academy – ABC
  • 5.30 pm:Combat | João Ramos
  • 6.30 pm: Flow Yoga | Studio Bamboo
  • 7pm:HIRT by JF | Jardim Funcional VRSA
  • 8pm: Pre-Glow Sunset | DJ Jonny V & DJ Gustavo Vera
  • 9.30 pm: Zumba Glow | Márcia Hou
  • 10pm: HIP-HOP | Contemporary Ballet Academy – ABC
  • 11pm:After Party | DJ Jonny V & DJ Gustavo Vera

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]