Glória elevator closed as a precaution

LISBON’S FAMOUS Glória elevator, which links Restauradores with Bairro Alto, will shut in October. It is being taken out of service temporarily as a safety precaution, during work to reinforce the Rossio tunnel is carried out within its vicinity.

“It will only be closed for a month and the fact that it will be out of order does not mean that it will cease to function indefinitely. It’s being shut down because work on the Rossio tunnel has reached that part of the city and we want to avoid any risk to the public,” said Refer’s Rui Reis, spokesman for the consortium carrying out the work.

Reis also confirmed that work on the tunnel was entirely underground and would not affect the daily life of the city in any other way. During the work, the Science Faculty at Lisbon University will be carrying out geological surveys on the soil and rock around Rossio tunnel to check for stability and faults.

The famous yellow lift, which looks like a trolley car, was inaugurated in 1885 and has been classified as a national monument since February 2002.