Glad I live in Portugal!

Dear Editor,
It is great to see the positive attention that Portugal is receiving abroad.

American and British newspaper and websites are frequently reporting on Portugal’s beautiful cities and coastlines and delicious food, and just last week, as you reported, Lisbon was considered the second best place to visit by ‘Best European Destinations’.

There’s so much to discover and love about Portugal, and it’s great to see that the country is starting to get the recognition it deserves.

Although cities like Lisbon and Porto and areas like the Algarve are must-sees for tourists and are frequently making international ‘top’ lists, there are so many other places worth a visit – Serra da Estrela, Ericeira, Sintra … the list goes on.
Forgetting the country’s economic troubles, I feel blessed to live in such a naturally beautiful and traditional place that is finally starting to receive the international interest it deserves.

Jerry Hughes
By email