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Giving hope to strays

An animal charity that has been helping stray and abandoned animals throughout the Algarve since 2000 has appealed for help from residents.

The Hope Fund keeps going at present thanks to a board of volunteers who organise car boot sales to raise funds but a shortage of stock has affected cash flow, says founder Michele Jones.

“The economy has hit an all-time low and people are particularly desperate. However, this also means that the animals are suffering even more,” said Michele Jones.

“They are being abandoned and left at dog pounds or in many cases just on the street.”

The Hope Fund is not a refuge but serves in a veterinary capacity to help them when they need it most.

“People are now afraid to help an animal in need on the street because they are terrified of the veterinary bills, and this is where The Hope Fund should be able to help,” she said.

“What pains me is to think about what is happening to the animals, or what will happen, if we don’t do something soon.”

Michele now asks for people to donate items that are no longer of use, but that are still in good condition, for sale at a car boot to raise money. All cash donations are also welcome.

The veterinary clinic in Espiche is the collection point for this appeal, and donations can be dropped off there or sent in the mail to the following address Clínica Veterinária do Ferrel, Quinta dos Areões, Espiche, 8600-110.

Please address all donations to The Hope Fund.

For more information, please contact Michele Jones at [email protected].

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