Give your dog a safe Christmas

Give your dog a safe Christmas

Sue Ogden

Christmas time should be full of seasonal happiness but it is also a time when accidents can happen in the home.

Possible dangers for dogs:
Chocolate, raisins, grapes, alcohol and some nuts – all poisonous to dogs.
Poinsettia, mistletoe, holly and ivy – extremely toxic for dogs.
Turkey bones – very dangerous, fracture easily and can cause choking and internal damage.
The tree – sap from a real tree is toxic, as are any fluids put at the base to preserve it. Artificial trees are not digestible, artificial material releases toxin in the gut and can cause a blockage. Dangly things to tug, wires to chew, or just something to pee on.
Ribbons, tape, string, packaging – will tangle in the intestine if eaten.
Baubles – a tempting play thing but easily break into fragments which can cause external and internal laceration.
A busy house/kitchen – exciting but your dog may become hyperactive and may need excluding for his (and your guests) safety. Think about carrying large roasting pans from the oven to the work top, boiling water, hot fats, all can and will cause serious burns if they get splashed or spilt on your pets.
Cracker and poppers – loud noises can frighten the dog and small parts released can be eaten.
Visitors/children – may be frightening to some dogs and again exclusion may be needed. It is much better to put them in another room, as the fear caused could take months if not years to overcome; again prevention is much better than a cure.
And after all that, there are the rubbish bags to raid! Make sure they are put in the bins or if this is not possible, then it may be better to put them into an outbuilding until the next rubbish run is due.

Just give them a lovely present of something that they can chew on.

Remember: if you suspect your furry one may have got hold of possible dangerous items, just telephone your vet, be clear and tell them exactly what your furry friend has eaten, and if possible the amounts and the time that has passed since they ate them. It is much better to be safe than sorry.